World’s Best Cage Nut Tool

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A revolutionary improvement in rack deployment

  • Designed to make your installation process as painless as possible 
  • So easy that fast installation becomes second nature
  • Just squeeze, hook, tilt and release

Reach inside of the rack from the outside 

  • Angled neck to access the back of cage nuts 
  • Claw fits seamlessly inside of cage nut holes 
  • Rubberized grip for long lasting comfort


Upright Compatibility Note: Distance between hole and edge of flange must be greater than 0.30"

The World’s Best Cage Nut Tool allows users to install and remove cage nuts faster than anything else out there. Try it. You'll agree it's simply the World's Best*.

No more cuts on your hand. No more struggling with awkward angles of installation. It’s even got some comfy handles so that you can fill the world’s largest data center and never get tired. This is how installing cage nuts should work.

*The World’s Best Cage Nut Tool is compatible with most brands of cage nuts including: XOOL, Lancher, ACInfinity, NavePoint, Wang-Data, DYWishkey, Leadrise, StarTech, UXCell, MroMax. The World’s Best Cage Nut Tool is not compatible with the following brands of cage nuts including: Ubiquiti. All other brands of cage nuts have not been tested and is up to the customer’s discretion to make that determination. See our Policies page, ‘Product Information, Selection, and Use” for more information.

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