1U-7U Rack Blanking Panels (19in)

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Control Airflow In Your Rack

Blanking Panels Suited for Any Rack Environment

  • Universal Blanking Panels: Installs in any 19" rack any hole using a Phillips head screwdriver
  • Tool-less Blanking Panels: Provide fast installation (no tools required), but only work in square hole racks
  • Snap-In Tool-less Blanking Panels: Plastic blanking panels that just "snap-in" for quick, budget-friendly solution (square hole only)
  • Vented Blanking Panels: Allow air to pass through while still giving the rack a clean look

Blanking Panels, also called "filler panels", are used to control the airflow inside of server racks. Without blanking panels, the hot exhaust air from the rear of the servers will recirculate through empty spaces in the server rack into the air intakes on the front of the servers. This reused hot air will significantly reduce the cooling efficiency of the system. Filler panels are the easiest and first step towards achieving your Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) goals. Unlike many products on the market, RackSolutions Filler Panels use an innovative stability flange design to prevent airflow from flexing the filler panel. This reduces noise and vibration when a high amount of air is pushed into the filler panel. Along with the increase in airflow efficiency, RackSolutions filler panels give your rack a seamless and professional appearance. All our blanking panels are compatible with all EIA Standard 19" racks and cabinets.

How Blanking Panels Help Direct Rack Airflow

Without the use of blanking panels, hot exhaust air can be recirculated back into the cold aisle and reduce the cooling efficiency of the system.

Server Rack Airflow without Blanking Panels (desktop image)Server Rack Airflow without Blanking Panels (mobile image)
Server Rack Airflow with Blanking Panels (desktop image)Server Rack Airflow with Blanking Panels (mobile image)

Conceals Empty Spaces

Here is an example of how blanking panels can cover up un-occupied rack spaces to give the rack a clean look.

Conceal Unoccupied Rack Space (desktop image)Conceal Unoccupied Rack Space (mobile image)
More Information
BABA Compliant No
RoHS Compliant Yes
TAA Compliant Yes
UL Compliant No
ETL Compliant No
Country of Manufacture United States
Included Hardware Universal Blanking Panels
  • (5) #12 screws
  • (5) #12 cage nut
  • (7) #12 screws
  • (7) #12 cage nut
Dell Part Number Universal Blanking Panels 102-1822: A7007389
102-1823: A5540770
102-1824: A7741632
102-1825: A5540792
102-1826: A7097764

Vented Universal Blanking Panels
102-1881: A7287252

Tool-Less Blanking Panels
102-1474: A4284039
102-1475: A4290591
102-1477: A9581850
180-5745: AB296416
For a full list of Dell SKUs setup in the Dell ordering system visit our Dell SKU page.
Synnex Part Number 102-1822 - 5123359
102-1823 - 5123362
102-1824 - 5123351
102-1825 - 5123353
102-1826 - 6216193
102-1827 - 5123363
102-1881 - 5527744
102-1882 - 5527745
102-1883 - 5527746
102-1884 - 5527747
Ingram Part Number 180-5265 - 5BH600
180-5745 - 7UN515
180-5746 - 7UN516
102-1474 - DN9589
102-1475 - DN9590
102-1476 - DN9591
102-1477 - DN9592
102-1479 - DN9594
102-1480 - UZ9588
102-1822 - LJ6804
102-1823 - LJ6805
102-1824 - LJ6806
102-1825 - LJ6807
102-1826 - LJ6808
102-1827 - LJ6809
102-1881 - DV0274
102-1882 - DV0275
102-1883 - DV0276
102-1884 - 6TU691

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