Secure Racks

Reduce the risk of downtime

Secured rack mount products help reduce the risk of data loss, whether malicious or accidental. Even if there isn’t an immediate threat, keeping a strong barrier between your IT equipment and the outside world can help achieve maximum uptime. 

+ Why buy an enclosed rack?

Most enclosed server racks are lockable, limiting intentional or accidental tampering with your IT equipment. On top of that, most of the hardware is covered by metal, giving a unified and finished appearance that fits into a professional environment.

+ What makes a transport case safe during travel?

The Transport Case Rack features a shock absorbent design that is essential when moving IT equipment over long distances. It achieves this by attaching the rack to the case with shock mounts in each corner, which helps isolate the rack from outside impact.

+ What are colocation racks used for? 

People who rent out server space have an obligation to protect tenants’ equipment. Since the renter will likely be taking up less than a full rack, having only one key for the entire space isn’t an option. 

Our colocation cabinets are separated in up to four compartiments, each with its own built in lock or the ability to add a padlock. They are designed to manage airflow as well as any open or enclosed frame rack.

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