Home Mounts

For the ultimate media room 

Home electronic mounts are a key component of any functional great looking media room. No more tangled nest of cables, no more shoving electronics into a cabinet. Upgrade your living and lose the clutter.

In case you were wondering

+ What tools do I need to install a wall mount?

Our mounts use wall anchors so that they can safely attach to drywall. These can be installed without a drill, so you’ll only need to use a drill if you choose to mount into studs.

After installing the wall anchors, you will need a phillips head screwdriver to secure the mount. All other necessary hardware is included.

+ Is mounting electronics safe?

At RackSolutions, we’ve been building mounting products that protect delicate IT products for over 20 years. Our team of experienced engineers uses high quality material along with smart design choices to ensure that not only are your electronics safe, but that setup is easy. 

For customers who need extra security, we offer a ‘secure’ wall mount which incorporates a locking mechanism. This can increase the chances your equipment stays safe in high activity areas or around strangers.  

+ Do the mounts interfere with anything?

We’ve designed every mount with the features of the devices in mind. For instance, our Apple HomePod mount takes advantage of the 360 degrees speaker by holding it away from the wall so no sides have dampened sound. 

So, rest assured that your inputs, sound and mic wont be blocked by metal. 

About RackSolutions

At RackSolutions, we want our passion for creative engineering and build quality to come across every time you work with our products. This is why you will notice that every one of our mounts are tailored to provide a perfect balance between ease of installation and security.

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