2Post, Center Mount Conversion Bracket, 1U-7U

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Mount 4Post equipment in 2Post racks

  • Creates a 4Post rack in a 2Post rack
  • Only convert the space you need
  • 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U and 7U size brackets available
  • Compatible with many Dell, HP, IBM, other equipment
  • Preferred 2Post mount by OEM manufacturers
  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs per rack unit
  • Hardware Included
  • What are converters used for?

Compatible with most 2Post Racks

  • Works with standard EIA 19" racks or 23" telecommunications racks
  • Compatible with 3" uprights
  • Quick and simple installation

Note: The server chassis + rail kit width can not exceed 17.72" to be compatible.

In order to ensure that your equipment will mount properly using the 2Post Conversion Brackets, you must measure the width of your device's chassis (with the mounting rails installed) to see if the overall width exceeds 17.72". If it does, the Conversion Brackets may not work with your equipment. See illustration above for an example of how to measure the overall width.

The RackSolutions 2 Post, Center Mount Conversion, 1U-7U server rack mounting kits allow users to create both 4 post cabinets on a 2 post rack, or mount 4 post equipment on 2 post racks. For 4 post cabinets on a 2 post rack, the equipment is designed for quick and easy assembly and installation. It is also easy to customize the setup for server rack cabinets, allowing users to convert only the space they need, instead of engaging in a larger project than necessary. When the assembly is configured to handle 4 post equipment on 2 post racks, it is compatible with 3" uprights and Dell, HP, IBM and other major server types. This setup is preferred by most leading OEM manufacturers. The 2 Post, Center Mount Conversion includes a number of features to help users easily create a server rack solution that meets their specific needs. At its simplest, the assembly can be set up to support a single, rackmount server, allowing the user to customize the rack's location to match where the server needs to go. However, solid steel conversion brackets equipped with coupling capabilities let users combine the brackets to support multiple rackmount servers or create an entire server cabinet.

2 Post Converter max width2 Post Converter max width

Compatible with Most Servers

The server chassis when attached to the rail kit can not exceed 17.72" to be compatible.

1U Conversion Kit Upward Bend1U Conversion Kit Upward Bend

Upward Bend in 1U Conversion Kit

Notice in the 1U conversion kit that there is an upward bend to increase the load strength of the bracket.

Combine Multiple Conversion KitsCombine Multiple Conversion Kits

Combine Multiple Conversion Kits

Hardware is included to couple conversion brackets together, if using multiple sizes in the same rack.

RackSolutions conversion brackets avaliable 1U-7URackSolutions conversion brackets avaliable 1U-7U

Multiple Size Options

Chose the amount of U space that needs to be converted to 4 post mounting by picking between the 1U-7U size options.

More Information
Dell Part Number 101-6883 - AB540940
2POST-2UKIT - A0421207
2POST-4UKIT - A0532626
2POST-5UKIT - A0558741
2POST-7UKIT - A8094108
For a full list of Dell SKUs setup in the Dell ordering system visit our Dell SKU page.
Finish Black, powder coated
Rack Units 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U or 7U
Material Type Solid steel construction
Included Hardware (4) conversion brackets
(16) 12-24 slotted hex bolts
(10) M6x0.1mm pan head screws
(12) M6x0.1mm cage nuts
Assembly Notes This 2Post Conversion kit creates a standard depth 4Post rack.
Equipment designed for square holes will typically install without issues.
Use the provided cage nuts and screws when threaded holes are required.
Part Number 2UBRK-000C 2U tall x 12.95" deep. 2Post conversion bracket for 3" uprights
RoHS Compliant Yes
Hole Type EIA standard square hole pattern for rack mount servers
2POST-2UKIT-2950 = B00UVK77BY
Bracket Dimensions All brackets are 29 1/8" wide
Height depends on U size
TAA Compliant Yes
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