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HP DL160 G6 - Rackmount Rail Guide

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HP DL160 G6 - Rackmount Rail Guide

HP's 1U Universal Rail Kit

The rail kit from HP supports square or round holed racks.

2Post center mount

  1. Use fixed rail kit BRK-HP-2PC-002

2Post flush mount

  1. Use fixed rail kit BRK-HP-4P-002

4Post racks

  1. Use HP's universal rail kit
  2. For an alternative to HP rails use P/N: BRK-HP-4P-002

Rack Issues, Problems

  1. Call RackSolutions if you have racking issues or if your rack is not in the ranges listed above.
Note: Your server may look different than the one pictured


Our Rackmount Rail Guide serves to show how the HP DL160 G6 can be rackmounted in both 4 post and 2 post configurations. RackSolutions offers the BRK-HP-4P-002 as a mounting solution for this server chassis.